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Paul Burkhardt - Founder & CEO

Paul Burkhardt

Founder & CEO
Paul is the Founder and CEO of TSM and TSA. Paul grew up in a large family with his mother being the 2nd youngest of 12 Children. As the youngest child in his own family, he grew up in an environment where his elderly relatives had health challenges and needed varying degrees of care. Witnessing this firsthand at his Mom's side as she helped facilitate care needs for her Brothers and Sisters, this was impressionable upon Paul.

As the years went on, Paul's Mom and Dad both suffered from Cancer and he was the primary caregiver for his Mom until her passing in 2006. At an even younger age, Paul witnessed and learned about all the care needs for his father who passed away in 1989 to the same disease. All these life experiences helped The Senior Movers and The Senior Advisers become a reality and the Trusted resource for thousands of Seniors in need!

Paul is passionate about helping others and is dedicated to his Family and his Wife Catherine, as well as to the Amazing Team Members he is blessed to have on this journey. He enjoys mentoring, is an avid sports fan and former longtime Basketball Coach, enjoys Travel, Innovating and making a difference every day!