The Senior Learning Series



We have dedicated this page to Inform, Educate and Empower Seniors and their Loved Ones.
We will host a variety of Episodes with our own in house Certified Senior Advisors and experts from all around the World.

How to Care for your Aging Loved One?

Have you started to notice some changes in your aging loved ones? Maybe you have observed a shift in their behavior such as increased forgetfulness or perhaps a change in their physical abilities. Are you unsure how to handle the situations that may arise in providing their care, or do you need help assessing their needs?

This Episode in The Senior Learning Series will guide you through an in-depth journey on how to recognize when your loved one may need assistance and how you can step in without making your aging loved one feel that you are taking over. So, how do you take charge without making the senior feel as if they have completely lost their independence?

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Mental & Emotional Wellbeing for Seniors

No matter the age, we all wish to connect and share our lives with others. Seniors can sometimes isolate themselves or start to retract from their peers and community for various reasons.

In “Mental Wellbeing for Seniors” you will learn approaches and techniques to encourage socialization and promote overall mental wellbeing.

Overcoming the Fear of Letting Go

There are many reasons Seniors choose, or need, to start decluttering or downsizing. Often, seniors have a challenging time deciding between relocating and staying in their home.

In This Episode of The Senior Learning Series, we will discuss how to overcome the fear of letting go, the benefits of downsizing and where to begin.

Maintaining Family Harmony

Why is Family Harmony important? Family Harmony allows us to communicate in a constructive manner, resolve conflicts and work together to meet family needs.

Throughout this episode, we will discuss multiple strategies to effectively interact with one another in order to find meaningful solutions to challenges, establish healthy boundaries, and encourage cooperation throughout a multi-generational environment.

Senior Community Living & How to Thrive in your New Home

There are many different Senior Living Options, and choosing the right fit is particularly important to the quality of life you or your loved one will have. Senior Housing Characteristics, Amenities, and Services can differ between Senior Communities, and seeking the appropriate level of care is of the utmost importance.

In this Episode, you will learn the leading differences in the levels of care between Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory care programs and how to choose the best fit to maintain a Safe and Happy transition.

Seniors & Technology

Technology is a part of our everyday lives and can offer a wide range of benefits to older adults. However, some Seniors are hesitant to utilize newer technology that could help improve their physical and mental well-being, as well as their social lives.

During this episode, we will share with you the advantages of how mobile apps, medical alert systems and devices can work together to increase safety and independence in the home, even as health needs change.

Differentiating Care from Home Health to Hospice

What is the difference between Home Care and Home Health? Who pays for these services and how can I get help? You may be asking yourself these questions and you are not alone!

Distinguishing the many differences can be confusing, however in this episode, we will thoroughly explain the ins and outs of each level of care, how you can benefit from and obtain the resources needed.

Overcoming Caregiver Burnout

Many of those who care for others will experience Caregiver Burnout, and burnout can happen if you are doing too much without the help that you need. Caregiver burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion but there are techniques that you can employ to help prevent this situation.

In this Episode, we will discuss multiple techniques and resources you can utilize to help fend off burnout including, how to set goals and healthy boundaries.

Cognitive Decline and How to Cope

Discovering that either yourself or someone you love has been diagnosed with Alzheimer^s or another related Dementia can be life-changing for all involved. Coping or coming to terms with this diagnosis takes time.

In “Cognitive Decline and How to Cope” we will discuss the differences between Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, Stages and Behaviors, and caregiver support resources to assist with improving the quality of life for all involved.

Health & Wellness

Most of us desire to Age Well, though we all have different goals and levels of abilities. Different as we may be, most of us will benefit from the same simple advice on how to get started in taking charge of our wellness! Mental Acuity, Mobility, Nutrition, Exercise and Socialization with Family and Friends plays a significant role in Aging.

In this episode we will discuss multiple aspects of Health & Wellness such as Mental Health, Medication Management, Exercise, Nutrition, Sleep habits, Chronic Disease conditions, and more!